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Joan Marie Verba

User Experience Designer

Education and Training

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Google UX design course certificate
Module 1 certificate
Module 2 certificate
MODULE 3 certificate
Module 4 certificate
Module 5 certificate
Module 6 certificate
Module 7 certificate



Hello, I’m Joan Marie Verba.

I believe that the goal of web design is to make applications/web pages that present users with the information they want in the style they prefer. I find this both challenging and exciting, and is one of the reasons I find web design so much fun.

I’m fluent in HTML and CSS, which I use for styling web pages. I’m also experienced in creating and adapting graphics using applications such as Photoshop and InDesign. Whenever appropriate, I enjoy putting together animations and videos to add to the user experience.

I invite you to check out what I’ve put together.

Contact Me

  • Joan Marie Verba
  • P O Box 22693
  • Minneapolis MN 55422
  • verba001 @